Are You Ready to “Mask Up” For The School Year Ahead?

With more and more cities, across the US, opening for Phase 03, many are already looking ahead at the upcoming school year. As we all know by now, we’re living in a “new normal,” and have to adapt. So what does that mean for schools, especially for students, staff, and parents? 

The first day of school for the 2020-2021 year is on Wednesday, August 12th, for many school districts. The majority of public schools have already partnered with their respective city’s health departments and other government agencies to learn and enforce guidelines for re-opening. Schools that deal with overcrowding, social distancing may pose some difficulties. Then there are others in California’s LA County, where maintaining social distancing recommendations may be easier due to the “great deal of outdoor space” they have. 

One school, in particular, issued a statement to families about what the protocol for face masks will be. “Students will need to come to school wearing a face-mask each day, and that they should bring one additional face mask that will be left in their cubby or desk as a back-up. We will also require students to have a face shield to wear during snack and lunchtime so they can eat.” 

Additionally, “Teachers will wear face shields when giving instructions to students. Each student will be required to bring a filled bottle of water in a reusable container. All of our fountains will be converted or changed to water refill stations. We are installing new outdoor hand-washing stations at key locations on campus as well.” 

While so many precautions and procedures are being put in place, there is a heavy emphasis on face coverings. This is why, more than ever, organizations such as Mask Up 95 are important. 

If you are a teacher, principal, or school looking to partner, to ensure that each student and staff member is equipped with a mask. Please reach out. 

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