I mind my own business, not someone else’s. 

Cuong Diep is a successful business owner who has always minded his own. The Vietnamese born, Norwegian raised, entrepreneur - now based in LA - earned his Masters in Biotechnology. But after three years of working as a chemical engineer for Gilead Sciences pharmaceutical company, Diep found a passion for business. 

In 2005, Diep partnered with Derek Belay, and together they started a jewelry business, King Ice. Fast-forward fifteen years later, Diep now co-owns one of the most successful jewelry brands - with cosigns from Snoop Dogg, Deathrow Records, Sony Playstation, Microsoft Xbox, ViacomCBS, Warner Bros, Universal Studios and Disney. As Director of Design for King Ice, Diep has refined and solidified his business and entrepreneurial skills. 

With fifteen years of experience, running a successful company, Diep was inspired to start, Mask Up 95 - especially in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic. Having donated more than 10,000 masks to medical workers and hospitals, Diep saw an opportunity - for both a profitable business as well as a charitable one. 

As he continues to mind his own business, literally, Diep has laid the foundation for his son, Magnus - who has already taken an interest in business and entrepreneurship at a young age. 

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